Japan 2019 – Part 1

Traveling to Japan in 2019 was a real adventure. It was the second time that I traveled to a country where I was assumed to be at risk of getting lost due to me not speaking the local language. The first journey of that kind was my visit to Dubai in 2013. Normally, I preferred... Continue Reading →

Above the Clouds

Flying is my passion. This post shows some pictures taken while on board of an airplane flying to various locations. Enjoy. EW8047 DUS-BER EW8046 TXL-DUS (2019)


The Futurium describes itself as "Futurium is a House of Futures. Here, everything revolves around the question: how do we want to live?" Naturally, you visit such a place with high expectations. To cut the story short, the Futurium does not meet the self-claimed goal. I visited the Futurium in October 2021 and was more... Continue Reading →

BER and Special Situations

Today’s travel from BER to DUS started with some excitement. After leaving the FEX train and using the escalators up to the departures level I saw crowds of people and a vast presence of Police personal. It turned out that the security area was emptied and all already checked passengers had to pass the security... Continue Reading →

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