Travel Adventures

Berlin Brandenburg Airport – BER

It is time to talk about the positive sides of the new, and now only, airport of the Germanys capital city. My musings while traveling through this airport triggered this new blog’s creation. Arriving at the airport when trying to catch a plane or arriving at the airport on my return flights made me wonder… Continue Reading →


A go-around is an aborted landing of an aircraft. This can happen while still in the air or after touch-down. I had the chance to be part of multiple go-arounds, and I really like it. The very moment you hear the engines roar up, feel the engine’s thrust, listen to the change of sounds and… Continue Reading →

Concert Summer 2022

The title is slightly misleading because the “summer” started in April and will last until December. After more than two years of rescheduling and cancellation, concerts are back. The first concert I visited was in 2021 in Manchester at Heaton Park. The New Order open-air was a unique experience for me. We were all used… Continue Reading →

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