Travel Adventures

Orange County

My first intercontinental travel after two years led me to Orange County, California. Broadening the perspective has been so lacking. I didn’t realize that until I arrived in Irvine. The journey itself was a little exhausting. The entry into the USA was easier than expected. In all the years I have never experienced that there… Continue Reading →

Traveling in a Pandemic

Traveling has changed significantly during the last two years of the pandemic. Have those changes affected my travel and how I think personally about traveling? The answer is yes and no. Mostly I travel for business reasons. Even though many on-site visits are not necessary anymore due to more remote work options, in-person meetings are… Continue Reading →

Japan 2019 – Part 1

Traveling to Japan in 2019 was a real adventure. It was the second time that I traveled to a country where I was assumed to be at risk of getting lost due to me not speaking the local language. The first journey of that kind was my visit to Dubai in 2013. Normally, I preferred… Continue Reading →

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