BER and Special Situations

Today’s travel from BER to DUS started with some excitement. After leaving the FEX train and using the escalators up to the departures level I saw crowds of people and a vast presence of Police personal. It turned out that the security area was emptied and all already checked passengers had to pass the security lines again.

The main terminal is not designed to handle such a situation with ending up a mess. The BER emergency personal did their best to handle the chaotic lines for the four security sections. Due to my last experiences with passing the BER security lines I had plenty of time and had no issues catching my flight.

Additional Eurowings adventures.

When an airport cannot operate as planned for some time, aircrafts are not where they are planned to be. In my case the departure gate changed first followed by a flight delay. What surprises me each and every time when such things happen is the failure of underlying software solutions. The airline industry is a highly optimised industry in regards to processes and digital solutions.

The funny part in such situations is that so many mobile phone start giving a ring when changes about the departure gate or flight delays are transmitted. Mostly very looks at their phones. I am not an exception.

Keep calm in such situations is the key. You have given up control to some other entity. It took some time for me to stay relaxed when such uncontrollable things happen.


  • Gate changed from B01 to B07
  • Flight delayed by 60 minuets
  • Boarding for bus transfer
  • Flight cancelled, re-entry terminal building
  • Rebooked to later flight departing from B01
  • Gate change to B03

But still. Stay calm and travel.

Safe travels.

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